Star Sailor Energy, Inc. is an innovator is vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems and power storage technology. Above: Concept rendering of 160kW towers on Lake Ontario.

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STEM for Adults

Remember high school physics? Remember sleeping through high school physics?

New for Summer 2015, Star Sailor Academy is bringing back the basics necessary for understanding and utilizing renewable energy and sustainable technologies.

For six years Star Sailor Energy, Inc. has provided community based events to increase the energy quotient or “EQ” of individuals, businesses and policy makers.

Whether you are a science maven or just curious about how to improve your energy knowledge, programs will be available for community and business groups in the San Antonio, Cincinnati, Columbus and Mansfield. Programs will be offered in Northern New York through the spring of 2016. New programs and offerings are coming to San Francisco area and New Mexico during the 2015-2016 season.

The alternative in alternative energy.®

Star Sailor Academy STEM & Communiversity

Programs include:

> Introduction to Energy Systems
> Renewable Energy and Sustainability
> Selecting Wind Turbine and Hybrid Systems
> Vertical Axis Wind Turbines in Commercial and Dark Skies Lighting
> Greening the Corporate Campus*
.> Integrating Renewables

* Offered with Star Sailor Academy partner ARSI Verde, Inc.

Corporate training programs may scheduled through ARSI Verde, inc.

Recycle, reuse and repurpose, understanding the Northfield Compact.

Star Sailor Energy has been part of the Northfield Compact for nearly a decade. Today we are partners in innovative communities, supporting the development and integration of sustainable solutions creating zero-energy and independent energy buildings and communities. Increasing energy security, reinforcing infrastructures and reducing environmental threats.

As the Northfield Compact celebrates its 20th anniversary much has changed in two decades. Sustainability is now a recognized field that crosses disciplines and industries. There is a recognition that human activities have a direct effect on the health of the planet. As the Northfield Compact begins its third decade, nearly two-thousand businesses, families and individuals have signed on. Expanding further will not only improve the health of the planet, but that of its residents.

"The Northfield Compact is a voluntary agreement to buy nothing you do not need. Buy used or "vintage" items when possible. Reuse and repurpose. Recycle materials from consumer and industrial waste. Implement reusable packaging when possible. Drive only when you need to go somewhere. Walk or bike when you can. Support cottage and local industry and food. Go organic when possible. Reduce or remove red meat form your diet. Encourage your local restaurants and shops to use paper instead of plastic."