Star Sailor Energy, Inc. is an innovator is vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) systems and power storage technology. Above: Concept rendering of 160kW towers on Lake Ontario.

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Star Sailor Energy, Inc. is a woman-owned and operated small business.

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Introduction to Star Sailor Academy

Star Sailor Academy is a program developed by Star Sailor Energy to provide the larger community with the knowledge to make better decisions about the way they use energy.

Star Sailor Energy's founder is a scientist, educator and author who has created and taught energy and aerospace courses at major universities. Dr. Menges is dedicated to creating a sustainable society through reasonable and intelligent technologies and develop new opportunities for a stronger and secure energy future.

Star Sailor Energy: Strengthening renewables through intelligent technology™

Star Sailor Energy is an early stage high-tech, renewable energy company dedicated to creating intelligent technologies for a renewable energy future.

With its foundations in aerospace power and national security, Star Sailor Energy has developed robust and reliable solutions to the pressing needs of implementing renewable energy systems.
New patents and on-going R&D are positing Star Sailor to be an integrated technology leader in expanding areas of microgrid, sensor and Internet of Things (IoT), and power storage for terrestrial renewables, electric vehicles and space power.

The founders and technical leadership are leaders in engineering and science. Star Sailor's wind turbines were originally developed to meet the requirements of remote power for aerospace telemetry and remote sensing. Today Star Sailor Energy’s intellectual property portfolio includes reduced-drag, performance adaptive vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT), on-demand power bridging the gap in renewable energy during no wind and no sun, and advanced scalable non-electrolytic power storage. Star Sailor Energy's T-Com™ wind turbines are the first to offer a limited lifetime warranty for rotors.


The industry's first limited lifetime rotor warranty

Above: Star Sailor Energy T-Com™ wind turbine hybrid system integrated for commercial lighting, security and Wi-Fi.

Star Sailor Energy's new T-Com™ systems offer the advantages of vertical turbines with robust aerospace materials, creating the first limited lifetime warranty for wind turbine rotors. The Star Sailor Energy T-Com™ System creates the first modular vertical axis wind turbine (VAWT) in a lightweight integrated package for demanding applications from urban lighting and security to remote set-up-and-forget uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and microgrid applications.

Performance and innovation

Star Sailor Energy’s revolutionary patented design provides the safety and reliability of a Savonious type turbine with innovative performance adaptive, drag reduction elements. Star Sailor Energy’s approach to R&D has established it as a technology innovator and leader in VAWT technology offering the first and only independently wind powered performance adaptive system increasing the efficiency while decreasing drag.